Lucky 44 Australian Stationery Brand
yeah that's me in the basket. 

yeah that's me in the basket. 

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My name is Tanya and I live on the beautiful Sunshine Coast QLD Australia. 

I've been in small business for 18 years. I've worked with my husband, I've owned my own shop and now I'm on my own, working from home (in my jammies, joking.... ) living the dream!!

So here I am, growing and developing a small business. When I took time to listen to what I really wanted, I realised that creating, making, drawing, painting, writing and taking photographs were where my heart lies. I am determined to live a life and have a business that reflects who I am and what I believe in. 

We are a small but powerful new business that brings you Australian designed and made stationery

Right now, in 2016, we live in a fast paced, technology dominated world. Whilst Lucky 44 embraces technology, we want you to unplug yourself and go back to writing, grab your favourite pen, hold a notebook in your hand, feel the paper, and write it down.... (#writeitdown)

Lucky 44 combines the love of stationery with the need for your office or desk to look good. Our products are based on modern designs that appeal to the modern woman. When you think of Lucky 44 stationery, think gold foil, inspirational quotes, gold foil pencils, notebooks, soft pastels, polka dots & stripes, black & white, and watercolours.  

Life is too short and precious, make your everyday amazing and surround yourself with beautiful things.

Thank you for your interest and support!

Lucky 44 I believe in kindness