Miss Bear in the latest issue of Minty Magazine

Hello Miss Bear you gorgeous thing you ! Look at her (top left corner) sitting up there all pretty in the latest issue of Minty Magazine.  

Have you seen the jam packed latest issue? Sarah and the girls have done another ridiculous job of finding the most stunning rooms, brands and products for all your kids interiors needs. They do all the hard work and all you have to do is click on their beautiful online magazine. 

Later in the year, you will actually be able to put your hands on a hardcopy. Sarah organised a crowd funding campaign (and smashed it) - raising funds to get their first Minty Magazine Annual Edition printed. Congrats on such a successful campaign.... you are truly an inspiration. 

So, if you love interiors, especially kids interiors, then please pop over to Minty Magazine website and check it out. 

And if you really love Miss Bear, then pop over to my shop and buy her!!!