Lucky 44 & Sendle

So I have been lucky enough to have a small feature in the latest newsletter of Sendle - my shipping company.  I am happy to shout from the roof tops about these guys, they truly have made a huge difference in my business this year. I have saved atleast $1000 on one product alone. $1000.00. ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS.  That should get your attention. 

I did a bit of bitchy whinge on FB and someone recommended these guys to me. At that stage, I was less than happy with Aust Post and too small to work with some of the bigger shipping companies. I am not ashamed to say that Lucky 44 is a small fish. I know I don't turn over millions (yet), but I want reliable, affordable shipping that makes me look professional. 

enter sendle. 

I no longer freak out about shipping and what it's going to cost me and if i'm going to be out of pocket. It's so quick and easy. I sound like an infomercial, I know. I can't help it. Honestly, these days, I feel like it's rare that a business actually offers what it claims. 

Like Post only door to door - we pick up from you
Like Post only smarter - it's time sending parcels were cheaper and easier
Like Post only - it's a flat rate $9.75 nationally

Here is a little excerpt from the newsletter - 

Lucky 44


Meet Tanya, creator of boutique stationery range, Lucky 44. Tanya designs cards, notebooks, notepads and all sorts of papery goods and sells these alongside beautiful Stendig Calendars.

“Ultimately, I am determined to live a life and have a business that reflects who I am and what I believe in. I feel that Sendle genuinely cares about me and my business. The staff are quick to respond to my queries, and I ship items from the comfort of my home, to anywhere in Australia with a few clicks at the computer. It's that simple. Plus… it’s affordable. Sendle's flat rates have allowed me to accurately charge customers - I don't ever have to carry the cost of postage again. I saved approximately $1,000 on one product alone(!). I am really chuffed - truly has changed so much for my business."

Read the full newsletter here.  I'm also sharing a feature with Who Gives A Crap. I love them. 


Tell them I sent you.