Stendig Calendar Giveaway

stendig calendar 2016 australia

oh hey. 

as you know, I sell the stunning black and white giant stendig calendars. I have received my first shipment of 2016 calendars and I'm feeling generous. so generous that I've decided to give one stendig calendar away for free. 

YES YOU READ THAT RIGHT. 1 free 2016 stendig calendar including shipping. Australia residents only. 

All you have to do is jump on instagram. It's called the stop game. Essentially you tag a friend in the comments. Tag as many friends as you want. and when I randomly comment STOP - the last person to comment is the winner. 

Easy peasy. 

All I can tell you right now is that I will be doing it before 11.59pm this Sunday 6/9/15.

Here are the official rules -  

- On Instagram only

- Australian Residents only

*YOU MUST BE A FAN OF Lucky44  TO WIN!!!!* 

“LIKE” the post then comment under the post until I say STOP. 
The person who has the last comment before I say "STOP" WINS. 
My decision is final. Be aware that my screen may look different to yours due to hidden comments, gremlins and technological faults & problems.
*Keep refreshing your screen and keep changing the comments to show “recent activity” so you get a most recent view of the comments.
This competition is in no way sponsored or endorsed by Instagram. Hint - space your comments out
Feel free to tag as many friends as you like to join the fun.  I will update the post so you know when it has finished.
I will not enter into any debate or discussion as to who the winner is.  My decision is final. Remember this is a FREE game, so please don't complain about it! 
Most importantly - Have fun! If you've never done it before, it's kinda like bidding on ebay at the last minute… you get so pumped that it could be you !

stendig calendar 2016 giveaway

Hint - It will go for about 2 hours and start around 6ish could be in the morning or could be in the night