My Favourite Stationery Things


So it's safe to say everyone has favourites. Favourite food, favourite movie, favourite kid etc etc... joking, there is no such thing as favourite kid ! Being the stationery nut, paper lover that I am, I have my favourite stationery. My favourite pen, my favourite scissors, my favourite rubber, my favourite stapler and of course my favourite notebooks! 

At the moment, I'm so totally in love with my spiral bound notebooks and notepads. I am using them everyday.  I've got the standard type notebook (as above) and I have made some notepads (flip from the top) and mini notepads and larger A4 notepads.

It's weird, I like my shopping lists and ducking out things to do list on a notepad, flip from the top. My business type things to do list needs to be around the A5 size and blank paper and side spiral. My brain dump type crazy thought writing needs to be on a lined A4 notepad or notebook - spiral bound so that I can then promptly rip it up so that no one can see my crazy thoughts and feelings. lol. I am sure I've left some around the house at times... and seriously when I'm doing my full on brain dump, it's hilarious. It's "call the white van" type crazy. But that's what I love about brain dumps, I can write everything that pops into my head until I feel like my brain is empty and then I rip it up and that's that. I've release it from inside me and then I can focus on the more important things! 

do more.jpg
hero shot.jpg

Now I've gone off track a little... I wanted to bang on a bit about my favourite pieces of stationery at the moment...... drum roll please.... it's my stapler. Yep. I've decided it's too good to use. I put staples in it and used it a few times when I was invoicing the other day and I was so worried that I might rub off some polka dots or something... so I stopped. It's for looking at only. It's in the pool room. It's sacred and NO ONE is allowed to touch it. Like seriously, don't even look at it, unless it's in a photo, then you can look at it all you want! :) 

Okay that is all, I have to go and empty my office so that I can turn it into a bedroom for my gorgeous girl. She's back from Melbourne and I'm so excited our fam bam is full again! 

Lucky 44 Stationery Notebook Notepad Australian