Falling In Love Again with Wrapping Paper

Lucky 44 Australian Wrapping Paper
floral wrapping paper lucky 44

You know it's easy to forget how gorgeous things are, especially when they are in front of you everyday - loved ones, your home, a photo... or in this case, Lucky 44 wrapping paper. 

Taking things for granted is easy and it's not something I'm ever comfortable with. 

I'm currently working on all sorts of shit, new look book, new products, new photos, new website.... and it has forced me to retake photos, to get ALL my products out and play with them. I'm making friends with them, and I love them. 

Wrapping paper can be tricky, in my opinion it's background. It's the base of your wrapping but not the show stopper. I chose to go with a classic black and white design which means it's sooo versatile. I'm talking Xmas Wrapping Paper, Birthday wrapping paper, Baby, Lover, Mother, Brother... you get the picture. lol. 

Lucky 44 christmas wrapping paper