Sweary Goodness

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Hello my favourite fucktards.... I think definitely this is the favourite swear word at the moment. 

Look, I'm not afraid to admit it - I love a good swear word. I'm a mad swearer.

I swear everyday for all sorts of reasons, mostly its to show my enthusiasm and excitment for something.... like fuck yeah, fucking brilliant, you fucking go girl... etc etc and then occasionally (lol), I like to express my feelings with extra describing words, I'm fucking not happy about that, for fucks sake why can't you pick up your dirty fucking clothes..... you get the picture. 

So in tribute to my potty mouth, here are my sweary pencils. Not normally for sale direct to the public, but I had so much help from my filthy fucking friends and family, that I decided to open the flood gates for a while and hook my peeps up with some sweary goodness. 

You buy 10 pencils, $2.00 each. You get to choose the filthy words from a list - cheers to everyone who helped me build it. 

10 Sweary Gold Foil Pencils
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