Shake Ups

lucky 44 women in small business shake ups

DEFINITION - shake up

noun, informal
a radical reorganization.
synonyms: reorganization, restructuring, rearrangement, change, reshuffle, regrouping, redistribution, overhaul, revamp, makeover; upheaval;

For the last six months my world has had a few good shake ups. By shake ups I mean changes, breaks of routine, interruptions, new things. We have bought a house, moved, renovated, had a sneaky trip overseas, had our first born leave home and recently I’ve hit the big 40. 

Even as I type these things, I find myself taking some deep breaths…. no wonder I’m feeling so fucking tired and weird…. and a bit excited. 

Amongst this stuff there have been tears, 2am meltdowns, laughs, nervous giggles, yelling and swearing. It’s character building, some of these things are actually life changing. They shape or change your view and you see and feel the world differently to how you saw it before.   That’s the bit I love. Some of these things were completely out of my control and I felt like the world moved without me wanting it to and some things I was completely in control of and loved shaking shit up. 

Roll with it..... 


I have had around 55 hours flying time in the last month..that’s a lot !!!!! My butt just twitched thinking about it. For someone who has trouble sitting still and focusing on one thing at a time, this has turned into a really good things. It has given me a lot of time for some reflection and planning. I’m excited. I’ve got some plans. I’ve moved through some issues. I’m feeling all the feels. 


So new things are coming. New designs are on in the making. Lucky 44 is having a shake up. 

Movement, changes, shakeups whatever you want to call it are good. 

I have found that as the dust settles on some of this stuff, that I feel more energetic and inspired. I feel like I am so glad that nothing is how it was, not that there was anything wrong with my life. I was poking along quite nicely and found the interruptions to my comfy world quite the piss off. I have at times just wanted to scream no and stop. But I’m not 3 and I can’t stop life, it just keeps coming at you. boom. boom. boom. 

Roll with it. 

lucky 44 women in business shake up

My glass is naturally half full and I often find the upside easier to get my head around. So here’s my take….

Shakeups are good. Shakeups make you value what you have or had, make you appreciate what you want and force you to think about where you’re going. Everything is what you make it. 

What was your last shake up? Did you make the shake up or did life force it on you? 

xx Tanya