Coffee Break + Bliss Balls

Lucky 44 Bliss Balls Recipe
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I love a good biccie or snack with my mid morning coffee, and seeing as I'm trying to eat things the way mother nature made them, I have found myself making a few healthy alternatives to Tim Tams, shortbread and the likes. 

I have to share the very yummy yummy delicious bliss balls recipe that make. I found this recipe via the wonderful and beautiful Kat from  The Organised Housewife on Pinterest

I often scoff more of these than I should, they are bloody delicious. Don't say I didn't warn you! 

Bliss Balls Lucky 44

It's quite easy to do and you don't need too many ingredients.  And I have swapped nuts for macadamia or whatever else you might fancy.  Click on the link for the recipe

And I'd love to know what your fave healthy (not carrot or hommus or anything green) morning snack is. 

Okay, I'm faffing better go! 

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