Love Local

love your local

Do you know what it means to love a local??? To support a small business? 

When I get an order, any order, from $6.00 to $600.00, this is a glimpse into how I feel and what's going on behind the scenes of a small business...

  • I am highfiving myself so bad.
  • I feeling so excited that someone likes what I'm doing.
  • I'm glad someone has not just "liked" or double clicked an image.
  • I am thrilled they paid me to do what I love.
  • I'm relieved that I'm going to get something for all the hours of hard work that I put in. 
  • I'm feeling some acknowledgement that I'm on the right path. 
  • I'm crossing my fingers that it all arrives and the customer is happy.

Love your local - picture a little me on the other end when you hit BUY!