Lucky 44 Father's Day Cards 2016

Father's day is coming around real quick !!! On behalf of my children, I am organising the most cracking presents ever for husbo.... I'm so excited. I want to share, but just need to wait, cause I think I'm going to blow his socks off!  I have been known to be a shit present giver, often just leaving gifts in the car or on the lounge or just laying around for the whole world to see. It's not something I'm proud of, just bloody hopeless! 


This year, welllll my friends I have planned and got myself quite organised! I am actually going to be away (on a sneaky little holiday yay) on father's day, so it's important that I'm organised and prepared and totally going to wow him! 

Anyways, has anyone else organised awesome father's day? 

If you need any cards... you can buy mine.