15 Minute Morning Routine

15 minute morning routine

So at my age, I know only a few things for sure. I'm not sure what they all are right this minute, but I will share one of the things that I know for sure. 

I believe how you start your morning, can shape your entire day.  

I'm always working on my productivity and efficiency. Having you're own business always means you wear more than one hat... you do the job of 1 - 10 people. Time is valuable and I'm not just talking about $$$. I mean that if I can smash a particular job in 30 minutes rather than an hour, it then translates to free time with fam bam or doing something I love.  

I'm working on being as unplugged as possible at the moment.. probably just a phase but I feel like I need it. This means (for me) that I've removed all notifications off my phone, I have it on silent or do not disturb for 70 - 80% of the day, I have deleted fb app off my phone and minimize time spent on other social media apps like instagram and pinterest. 

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I am tuning into the world around me. I'm consciously working on doing things that don't require electricity or the internet or my phone.

This is fuelling my soul and making me feel good.

Anyhoo I have gone a bit off track! So my morning routine has been adjusted and was one of the turning points in the switching off mode of thinking! I don't mind a bit of woo wooo airy fairy way of thinking... I honestly believe that thoughts become things. 

So here is my morning routine - I've crunched it to 15 minutes so that it feels completely achievable every day. If you have a routine or tip... let me know, I'm keen to hear from you! 

I want you to have it. 

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