This is what you can expect! 

1. In the first week (or so) of each month, you will receive an email from me with the card bombing target's information. 

2. You will be provided with a mailing address and a small background story. 

3. You send your card, you can send many cards! Send as many as you like! 

There are no rules on what to say or how to sign it, but if you're stuck then here are some suggestions! 

Keep it simple - less is more. 

Keep it light and funny - make sure it really is actually funny though. You can't go wrong with a knock knock joke. 

Keep it warm and friendly. 

Tell them that you hope they have a cracking day. 

Tell them that this is a random act of kindness. 

Sign it from Anonymous, CBA member, Kindness Ninja or your first name. 

Use these Hashtags - #CBA #kindnessninja

Use these images on instagram and facebook